We love our families, and our families love us. Read what they have to say!

"My child had problems at several other daycares before we found Crabapple Academy. The turnover at so many places was so high that he could not adjust to the rotating teachers. At Crabapple Academy, many of the teachers have been teaching there for many years and I felt good about trying it out. I'm glad I did because we have had (and continue to have) a great experience there. The staff has been wonderful, the facility has a great piece of property/playground for the kids to play on and the location is extremely convenient (right in the middle of Crabapple). Every other parent I have talked to whose kids have gone there has loved it, and our child is going on his third year!"

"At Crabapple Academy, kids come first.  It was evident from our first tour, and it remains evident 2 1/2 years later.  We love the staff and the caring way in which they treat our son - and us.  He is learning so much academically and socially.  We are happy we chose Crabapple Academy for these important foundational years."

"Crabapple Academy is a wonderful place! I have enjoyed watching it grow and change as my boys have been there. Thank you, everyone, for all of the kind things you have done for our family. Your warmth and generosity toward my children just proves how much heart you have!"

"We feel that Crabapple Academy makes each day that (our child) spends there so special. We are so grateful to have such a safe and loving place to send our little man!" 

"Our boys love coming to Crabapple Academy, and we know it has a lot to do with all of the hard work that is put into making it such a warm and loving place. We feel very lucky to have found such a wonderful place for our boys and always know they're in good hands."

"We are thankful for all of the wonderful pictures. It helps us to be there, even though we're not. Our child is having a wonderful experience at Crabapple Academy. We love the warm and caring environment that is present."

"It's hard enough being first time parents about to leave their baby to return to work - the last thing you need is to worry about whether or not she's cared for and happy at daycare.  From the moment we walked in to Crabapple and were welcomed by Miss Roberta, we knew we had found out little girl's second home.  In the beginning I must have asked a thousand questions but no one batted an eye or made me feel like a bother.  Not only is our daughter given the absolute best level of care, she is also clearly loved by both the staff and her infant room teachers.  I can't even count the number of times I've told someone, "It's like dropping her off with an extra set of grandmas and aunts."  Crabapple Academy isn't just our daycare - they're an extension of our family!  The professional and loving staff, cozy and warm atmosphere, fun craft projects, and beautiful portraits by Miss Ellen are just a few of the reasons we love it here.  We can't wait to see our daughter and her future siblings grow, learn, and flourish at Crabapple!  They have been an incredible blessing to our family."

"We recently moved to the area and heard such wonderful things about Crabapple Academy. After taking a tour and speaking with the director, we knew this was the right fit for our son. He transitioned so smoothly to his new school, and we owe it to the teachers and staff here. His teachers have been so patient and nurturing towards him. We can tell a difference in his eating and sleeping habits because he is getting the proper attention that a toddler needs to thrive. The administration are so helpful and friendly when we come in the building and that gives it a warm atmosphere. We are so pleased with Crabapple Academy and would highly recommend it to everyone we know!"

"When we started looking at day care centers for our first child, we probably called ten to fifteen places in the area between our home and workplaces.  After narrowing the list, we visited five or six of them.  Some, we decided, were too expensive, others were too dirty, some didn't take part-time kids, some didn't include meals, and oddly...we felt that a few were too sterile and corporate for our taste.  We had several personal recommendations for Crabapple Academy so we were quite hopeful for our tour.  We liked that they were open to tour at any time and one of the things that really sealed the deal for us was on our tour with Ellen Farnsworth, who is the owner, she knew the name of every single child which crossed our path.  We've found that the "family feel" we got on the tour really does exist and is our favorite thing about Crabapple Academy. Perhaps because this is a privately owned center with hands on ownership and management, it helps both the teachers and the parents feel a lot more invested in the life of the school and the kids.  We've always felt they are much more accommodating to our specific needs than a big chain ever could have been and I bet the staff feels the same way.  More to that point, much of the staff has been at the school for years and years and we have been able to develop relationships with them.  It's very comforting to know that our son will have most of the same teachers and caregivers that our daughter did over three years ago.  Looking back, we feel that enrolling our kids at Crabapple Academy is one of the best decisions we've ever made for our family and we recommend it to everyone who asks."

Crabapple Academy (poem by one of our "graduates", Jessica Edenfield)

"Whenever I think of this wonderful place, 

I think of my childhood, friends and their lovely face.

When I come here I can always be myself.

I never feel like I have to be like everyone else, like a book on a shelf.

It's such a relief to come here,

Because with my friends around me I don't have even one fear.

Whenever I'm not at Crabapple Academy and I think of how I feel here,

If you look in my eyes you may find a tear.

I love everyone at Crabapple Academy and they're always nice to me,

That's how I wish the rest of the world could be.

I always look forward to going back,

And all that I have said has been a heart-felt fact!"

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